For both CSCS and Partners' schemes

How Go Smart Works

Go Smart securely reads and checks information stored on CSCS smartcards including the cardholder’s identity and qualifications held.

Information from a card read is then displayed on a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop. This not only reduces the possibility of fraudulent cardholders gaining access on site, but it also makes capturing and storing information on smartcards quicker and more efficient.

Physical Smartcards

Go Smart securely reads and checks the data stored on CSCS smartcards and compatible Card Schemes.

When a smartcard is presented to an online device, Go Smart will perform a contactless read and pull down the latest information. If there has been a change made to the card since it was last read, Go Smart will do a full card update, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date cardholder information.

If the device being used to do the read is offline, Go Smart will do an offline read of the data stored on the smartcard and present it on screen.

CSCS Virtual Smartcards

Go Smart reads and checks CSCS virtual smartcards in the CSCS App by using a QR code stored within the app. The device must be online for a read to be carried out successfully.

CSCS Partner Card Scheme Virtual Smartcards

Go Smart also reads and checks virtual smartcards issued by compatible Card Schemes by using encrypted short-life QR codes.

CSCS Partner Card Scheme's virtual smartcards are cards stored on a smartphone or tablet in an app called Vircarda. Vircarda can be installed on both Android and iOS devices.

If the device is online, Go Smart will download a copy of the virtual smartcard along with the time and GPS co-ordinates of the card read, where available. This provides a complete audit trail of card reads and also sends a 'card read' notification to the cardholder, if they have notifications switched on.

If the device doing the read is offline, Go Smart reads the basic information about the virtual card, records the card read and then runs a complete check once the device is back online. It is recommended that the card checker visually inspects the card.

Reading CSCS and Card Scheme Smartcards

Smartcards issued by CSCS and compatible Card Schemes, whether they are physical or virtual smartcards, will have some or all the following information available from a read:

  • Image of the Card (front and back)
  • Cardholder's Photo
  • Full Name
  • Scheme Number
  • Date of Issue
  • Date of Expiry
  • Health and Safety Test Results
  • Qualifications / Occupations
  • Industry Endorsements
  • Type of Card
  • Other Information.