For both CSCS and Partners' schemes

Frequently Asked Questions


About Go Smart

What is Go Smart?

Go Smart is the official App developed for CSCS by Reference Point Limited. Go Smart securely reads and checks both physical and virtual CSCS and compatible Card Schemes smartcards.

Is Go Smart free of charge?

Go Smart is free to download and use.

Which operating platforms is Go Smart available on?

Go Smart is available for Android, iOS and PCs for physical and virtual cards.

To use Go Smart, please check the required compatibility of the operating system as follows:

  • iOS 9 or later to read virtual smartcards.
  • iPhone 7 model or later, running iOS 13 is required to read physical smartcards.
  • Android 4.0 or later to read physical and virtual smartcards.
  • Windows version 10 or higher to read physical and virtual smartcards.

How do I check for updates to the Go Smart software?

If you have app auto-updates enabled on your mobile device, then Go Smart updates will automatically be installed. If auto-updates are not enabled, then you will need to manually check for updates from the relevant App store. Go Smart will also notify you if you are using a version that is out of date and needs updating.

Can I use Go Smart on multiple devices?

Go Smart can be installed on multiple devices. However, the data stored on each separate device acts independently and therefore the card read list is not synchronised between devices.

My phone has been lost or stolen; I have a new phone; what do I do?

Download Go Smart from the appropriate App store and you are ready to read and check smartcards using your new device.

Note: card read list data will not be available on the new device, therefore it is highly recommended that you export your card list regularly to avoid losing the list of card reads.

What are virtual smartcards?

CSCS virtual smartcards

Virtual smartcards are issued instantly and stored in the CSCS Virtual Card App on a device, such as a phone or tablet. Within the App is an embedded static QR code that is read by Go Smart.

Virtual CSCS smartcards are issued alongside physical smartcards. 

CSCS compatible Partner Card Scheme virtual smartcards

Virtual Partner smartcards are stored within Vircarda, a digital wallet designed to securely store the cardholders' information. Go Smart securely reads the short life, encrypted QR code presented within Vircarda.

What are physical smartcards?

CSCS physical smartcards

Physical CSCS smartcards store information on the cardholders' identity, qualifications and training. This information can be securely read using Go Smart. 

CSCS compatible Partner Card Scheme physical smartcards

Physical compatible CSCS smartcards store information on the cardholders' identity, qualifications and training. This information can be securely read directly from the physical smartcard's chip using Go Smart. 

Still have a question?

For CSCS card related questions, please visit:

For Partner Card Scheme questions, please contact the appropriate scheme.

For technical questions, please email: (a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. Our business hours are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.)