For both CSCS and Partners' schemes

Why Go Smart?

Go Smart is a powerful way of ensuring cards are genuine. Reading and checking smartcards with Go Smart allows card checkers to securely access up-to-date information, in real-time, to validate a cardholder's identity and ensures they have the appropriate training and qualifications for the occupation they are undertaking.

Go Smart enables card checkers to identify 'fake' and expired cards, with the objective to ultimately improve Health and Safety in the Construction Industry.

Card checkers can:

  • Check for updates since a card was issued or last read.
  • Verify that cards are valid.
  • Ensure that cardholders have the required training and qualifications for the type of work they carry out.
  • Keep a record of cards that have been checked, with the time and GPS location, where available.
  • Capture additional cardholder information, avoiding the need to keep paper records.

Find out why Go Smart is the industry leading app for reading and checking CSCS smartcards