The app for checking CSCS cards electronically

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Other apps

There are two add-ons to Go Smart that are only available on the Android platform.

Go Smart Time and Attendance

The Time and Attendance app enables compatible smartcards to record details of when workers enter and leave site by swiping in and out using an Android smartphone or tablet.

Attendance data including who was onsite, where, when and for how long can then be generated along with an evacuation list in case of emergency.

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Go Smart Training Recorder

The Training Recorder transforms your Android smart device into a powerful business tool by enabling the recording of site-based training, inductions and toolbox talks that can then be assigned directly to attendees by electronically reading their smartcards.

First record details of the training event, then record who delivered the training by reading their smartcard. Once the training has been completed, read the attendees’ smartcards to register their attendance and instantly create a digital training record.

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